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30 June 2022

Should Competence In Data Security Be An Ethical Obligation For Law Firms? (Video)

July 8, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — In today’s day and age, data is what makes the world turn. Every business relies on data in order to operate and grow, no matter if they’re a global supply business, local law firm, or a home Etsy seller. So, making sure this data is secure and follows data protection laws is vital.

However, law firms aren’t typically known for their tech knowledge and prowess! This is why so many hire external Legal IT Services to ensure they remain compliant and also have help should anything happen to their IT system. Although, some questions remain as the importance of data in the legal industry grows. Granted, they have professionals who can help them with tasks as big as preventing data breaches as well as micro-tasks like making sure their operating system is equipped with tools like Docker for the efficient running of applications (continue reading). However, how much of an ethical obligation do law firms have when it comes to data security? Especially considering how sensitive the data they hold is.

Lisa Sotto, Partner at Hunton & Williams LLP, Mark Seifert, Partner at the Brunswick Group, Donald G. Aplin, Managing Editor of Privacy & Data Security News at Bloomberg BNA and Kevin Chalker, Founder and CEO of GRA Quantum emphasize the importance for law firms and other industries to get on the same page on cyber-security and data protection measures and not wait for guidance from the government. With law firms’ religious adherence to ethics, should being competent in data security be an ethical obligation?

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