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19 September 2020


  • Linc Sample and Your Hierarchy of Causes

    by - Sep 14, 2016
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    September 14, 2016 (Fault Lines) — Although one homemade “Black Rifles Matter” sign probably wouldn’t get a second look in much of the country, it’s stirred up some controversy in Maine: A Maine town’s tourism sector has...
  • The Next Frontier Of Implicit Racial Bias In Sentencing

    by - Sep 14, 2016
    (Comments: 8)
    September 14, 2016 (Fault Lines) — I  have devoted substantial personal resources over the past decade writing; doing empirical research; and educating judges, lawyers, and jurors, about the role of implicit bias in decisions we each make....
  • Cross: Seth Stoughton, Cop Turned Prawf

    by - Sep 14, 2016
    (Comments: 3)
    September 14, 2016 (Fault Lines) — Ed. Note:  Scott Greenfield and David Meyer-Lindenberg cross assistant professor at the University of South Carolina Law School, Seth Stoughton, who previously served as a police officer with the Tallahassee...
  • When I Said “Shut Up,” I Also Meant Online

    by - Sep 14, 2016
    (Comments: 9)
    September 14, 2016 (Fault Lines) — “Shut up.”  As legal advice, it’s indispensable and universal. Criminal defense attorneys say it (often in vain, often too late) to defendants and targets of criminal investigations.  Litigators say it to...
  • New Idaho Policy: Kill Locally, Tax Globally

    by - Sep 14, 2016
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    September 14, 2016 (Fault Lines) — Idaho wants to kill Jonathan Renfro. Well, that’s not quite accurate. It would be more accurate to say that Kootenai County wants to kill him. Or to be even more granular,...
  • Another Failure

    by - Sep 14, 2016
    (Comments: 12)
    September 14, 2016 (Fault Lines) — This story is purely hypothetical.  Okay?  Don’t demand that I wink. The offender is young—in her mid-twenties.  She is a white female.  She is addicted to meth.  She probably injects it,...
  • Gregory Frazier: What We Don’t Know Is Everything

    by - Sep 13, 2016
    (Comments: 1)
    Sept. 13, 2016 (Fault Lines) – At around 10 p.m. Friday, September 9, deputies from the Broward County, FL sheriff’s office were dispatched to the backyard of a home in Pompano Beach, where a man named...
  • Edward C. Lawson: Walking While Black & Doing Something About It

    by - Sep 13, 2016
    (Comments: 7)
    September 13, 2016 (Fault Lines) – From 1975 to 1977, Edward C. Lawson was stopped by the police in California on fifteen different occasions. Lawson was a black man, with dreadlocks, a vegetarian, and someone who...
  • In the Third Circuit, Only Virtuous People Can Have Firearms

    by - Sep 13, 2016
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    September 13, 2016 (Fault Lines) – Declaring that a constitutional provision protects some justiciable individual right is not the end of anything. Rather, the Supreme Court’s declaration is the beginning of a never-ending journey to define...
  • Massachusetts Attorney General Under Fire From Gunmakers

    by - Sep 13, 2016
    (Comments: 2)
    September 13, 2016 (Fault Lines) – Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey was elected last year after making gun control a top priority. Following up on her campaign promises, Healey made news last week when she triggered...

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