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1 March 2021

262,000 Reasons Taxpayers Should Quit Letting Cops Be Assholes

Jan. 29, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Cops shoot stuff. All kinds of stuff. Grown-ups, kids, dogs, random bodies of water. Whatever. They have guns and stuff is there. That stuff should be shot. Because the people don’t care, so why should they?

This week, Commerce City, Colorado, paid $262,000 to settle a civil case filed against its police department. Not just any case. A case where some jackass cop shot a dog dead in a driveway. And, like a lot of the other stupid stuff cops keep doing, it was caught on video. So the usual perjury wasn’t going to save anybody’s skin. The video is a telling example of why the cops really don’t give the slightest damn about you, Dear Citizen. And since their stupidity got paid off with your money, they really get the last laugh.

This boondoggle started back in November of 2012, when a Commerce City woman kindly agreed to watch a relative’s dog. Gary Branson’s dog, Chloe, was a three-year old pit bull mix. Chloe came from the pound, but quickly won over the community’s heart.

Chloe went everywhere with Branson, he said. It seemed like everyone loved her, too.

“She’s been in the lobby of the credit union I do business with,” Branson said. “The tellers there all loved her. They would go up and pet her. The girls at the local convenience store used to come out and pet her [and] feed her beef jerky. Every time we went up to a drive-up window, she’d look over – expecting food.”

Her notably calm demeanor is why the events in late November shocked Branson so much.

Chloe tripped a garage sensor that opened the garage door and ended up wandering the neighborhood, as dogs will do. A neighbor, unfamiliar with Chloe, called the police to report her. That was probably a wise decision, back before all the stuff in front of the police started getting shot. That call sealed Chloe’s fate. And the fate of a police car that got shot. Because when an idiot unloads his gun, a lot of stuff gets hit.

The neighbor who called the police, Kenny Collins, claimed the dog was confrontational and barking at his family in an aggressive manner. A different neighbor, across the street, filmed the whole incident, which revealed Chloe sitting quietly watching the police who surrounded her.

Collins said for about 30 minutes, the dog just sat inside the open garage door near her bed while officers decided what to do.

Apparently the dog should have made a run for it. Because it didn’t stand a chance. Watch the video so you can see how it goes from sitting calmly in a garage to being full of bullets.

One police officer uses his stun gun twice on the dog driving her back into the garage. Then, as the dog tries to run out of the garage, an officer pulls out his gun and shoots at the dog.

“[The dog is] coming out and [the animal control officer] just noosed him,” Collins said.

After the first shot, the dog is captured by the animal control officer on the catch pole. But, after it is captured, a police officer fires four more shots at Chloe, killing the dog.

Why else would the gun have all those bullets if not to shoot them at stuff, right? But like most innocent things that get shot, Chloe was shot for the greater good, according to the Commerce City Police:

Commerce City Police initially released this statement reading in part, “An animal control agent was able to place a ‘catch pole’ around the dog’s neck. The pit bull remained extremely agitated and continued to attempt to attack the animal control agent. Due to the dog’s size and aggressive demeanor, it could not be controlled on the catch pole. For the safety of the animal control agent and the community, a police officer shot and killed the dog.”

The community would probably be grateful, except for the video. The video that completely refutes that entire statement. Let’s just cut to the chase. That statement is a lie. The person who made it is a liar. Any cop on the scene who read that statement and didn’t correct it is a liar.

Commerce City police had been trained on how to deal with dogs on the loose. But instead of taking the training seriously, they made a big joke out of it. Jennifer Edwards, Gary Branson’s attorney and founder of the Animal Law Center, described how the Commerce City cops just laughed right through the training:

…Commerce City received the same training and made jokes throughout the entire training process, when we had them in deposition, the officers thought it was nothing more than a joke. We have them on video depositions saying they got ‘absolutely nothing’ from the training. How two different departments can have the exact same training but react so differently – I think Chloe’s murder has absolutely manifested itself as a result of how much of a joke they thought that training was.”

Hilarious. The dog is dead. The taxpayers are over a quarter of a million dollars down. And the Commerce City cops can laugh all the way to the bank. Your bank. Because that is where the money is going to come from. Settlements for cops that kill don’t come from the actual cops. They come from the taxpayers. American citizens, who are increasingly becoming the people most at risk of being shot by the police, are the ones who are paying the tab for all those shootings. Surely that should make someone care.

But why should the people care? Those same people found the cop not guilty on criminal charges of animal cruelty. Despite the video which clearly shows this was a senseless killing. Whatever, just a dog. Just a cop. Just another day of shooting.

That $262,000 comes from somewhere. In case it’s not clear, check your pocket. Because that’s where it came from. You might want to keep a closer eye on that pocket. Because while the police are laughing at all that silly stray dog training, they are really laughing at you. And all the money you are paying to clear up their shootings.

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  • Scott Jacobs
    29 January 2016 at 12:41 pm - Reply

    I believe my usual “#TeamWoodchipper” is wholly inadequate here…

  • Eva
    31 January 2016 at 3:32 pm - Reply

    If more citizens really thought this out there would probably be more outrage.

    We’re paying up when our law enforcement apparently doesn’t take their training seriously.

    At least if law enforcement personnel lies about an incident and get’s caught they should get the sack.