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14 August 2020

Fault Lines Links – Ahmed Mohamed Seeks $15M And Apology From City And School

Nov. 24, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Morning folks, here’s what we’re watching today:

  • An attorney for Ahmed Mohamed sent a letter to Irving, TX, authorities seeking $15 million in compensation and a written apology from the city and school. 14-year old Mohamed was arrested and suspended earlier this year after bringing a homemade clock to school that a teacher mistook for a bomb.
  • Chicago is bracing itself for the release of the dashcam footage of the Laquan McDonald shooting. Authorities have until Wednesday to release the footage. The Cook County DA is expected to charge Officer Jason Van Dyke with first degree murder on Tuesday morning.
  • The city of Columbus, OH, is set to approve a $30,000 payout for Joseph Hines. Hines was awarded the amount in a civil rights lawsuit accusing officers of a “brutal, unjustified physical attack” which left him unconscious and requiring hospitalization in 2012. Hines later pled guilty to a charge of littering and paid a $100 fine.
  • The NY Civilian Complaint Review Board report found that NYPD Officers JohnPaul Giacona and Richard Caster abused their authority in the arrest of Thabo Sefolosha. The report determined that the officers employed an unlawful use of force in their arrest and recommends a loss of five vacation days as disciplinary action.
  • A civil rights lawsuit has been filed against the city of Berkeley by a group of protesters and journalists. The lawsuit claims that police used “malicious and oppressive” force during a Black Lives Matter protest in December 2014.
  • The police shooting of Alan Joseph Rushton in Wake Forest, NC, in August was ruled justified. Officers, responding to a domestic disturbance call, encountered an agitated Rushton wielding two large knives and who then proceeded to barricade himself in a room. Officer Dustin d’Hemecourt discharged his weapon after Rushton charged at him with the knives.
  • An internal investigation has commenced following the shooting of Francis Hartnett inside his home by Little Egg, NJ, police last week. Officers were responding to a well-being check by a family member and shot Hartnett multiple times after he advanced on them with a knife in hand.
  • Officers responding to a drug overdose call, shot and killed Henry Reyna who confronted them with a knife inside his home in Corpus Christi, TX, on Monday. Reporters who have viewed the bodycam say tasers failed to subdue Reyna leading officers to shoot.

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