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11 July 2020

Anonymous CPS Worker Comes To “No Sympathy” Night

Mar. 10, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Being an anonymous government worker complaining on the Internet about how you just can’t take the stress of your job and left is great. It’s a really easy way to tout arguments that are morally and intellectually bankrupt, as one person who works with kids recently demonstrated while asking for people to become foster parents.

It is a horrible, miserable, all-consuming despair. You question yourself, your work with the family, your work with other families, and pretty much everything up to and including your career choice. You feel responsible for the kid you see in front of you, the kid clearly suffering from a lifetime of abuse and neglect, this kid whose life might have maybe been different, if only. You play “if only” a lot.

That argument was made by an “anonymous” Child Protective Services (CPS) worker discussing in one breath why her job sucked and she had to leave, and in the next asking for more foster care because CPS agencies are taking so many children from their families that group homes simply can’t accommodate them. Like Lubbock, Texas, where the Mayor gladly stepped in to make the appeal to emotion of Lubbock’s residents.

According to stats from Child Protective Services, out of 41 counties in Texas, 1,600 children are in foster care, and 666 of those kids are located in Lubbock County. (emphasis added)

“I know the people of this region, and I know that if we get the word out to them that if we reach out and explain the need, explain what these children are facing, I have no doubt in my mind that the citizens of this region will step up and will solve this shortfall that we have,” [Mayor Glen] Robertson said.


Hi Anonymous Former CPS Worker. In the words of noted legal scholar Bill Hicks, “Welcome to ‘No Sympathy’ Night.”  And welcome to “You’re Wrong” night.

Let’s talk about that miserable, all consuming despair and why you questioned yourself and your work. After your obligatory navel gazing emotional “I couldn’t take the job” opening, you hit me with this one.

And it’s hard to take a kid. It’s really damn hard to take a kid and it should be hard to take a kid because it’s serious and we shouldn’t be doing it all willy nilly.

No, it’s actually really easy for you to take a child from a family. You’ve got the state sanctioned authority to call parents into your office, have them file paperwork because reasons, put the kids on trial, and then sever familial bonds.  If a child eats the smallest bite of something they shouldn’t, you take the kids.

And when you take them, you might end up putting them in foster care, or you might end up putting them in a place like Phoenix House, which just closed up shop after numerous “concerns” arose, including workers having sex with the children and providing them meth.

A group home in Descanso that treated youths with drug and alcohol problems under a contract with San Diego County abruptly closed last fall, following a series of incidents involving staff and residents that led child welfare officials to stop sending children there for treatment…[including]

*In April 2014 a female staff counselor was found to have engaged in sex acts with a male resident on at least two occasions, and providing the youth with methamphetamines.

*A male staff member in October 2013 gave pornography to residents, purchasing a magazine on the way to work and leaving it in a place male residents would find it, according to a redacted report of the incident. The report indicated the staff member had been disciplined once before and “had issues with inappropriate boundaries with residents at Phoenix House.”

*On Jan. 31, 2015, five male residents got into a brawl in one of the residential cabins on the site, leaving one with a broken hand. One of the fighters threatened to stab another, and was found with utensils that had been fashioned into weapons.

And what is the malady for CPS’s continued misconduct? The old chestnuts of “not enough staff,” “not enough money” and “not enough training.”  That’s enough to at least convince the local union representing CPS workers in New Hampshire to shamelessly demand over $1.7 million to fund a twenty-four hour Child Protective Services unit, ready to bang on your door and take your children while the cops beat you for your refusal to comply with a social worker’s demands.

Oh, I’m sorry. There’s one other point worth mentioning in Anonymous Former CPS Worker’s pity party.  It involves her use of the word “substantiated.”

Sometimes we have to take the kids. Usually we don’t –- only about half of all reports are investigated, about a fifth of those investigations result in a substantiated allegation, and a tiny number of those substantiations result in a kid being removed from their home.

Their definition of “substantiated” means you go on a registry beside people who’ve actually committed child abuse and been found guilty in court. You won’t usually be able to access it, unless your State’s group of emotionally-drained, baby-snatching social workers decides it’s in everyone’s “best interests” to make that registry public.

I don’t know who Anonymous Former CPS Worker is, and I don’t care. She could be in any state, and the lies would remain the same.  If she really just “couldn’t take it” and snapped after hearing “Don’t Stop Believing” on the radio, then maybe it’s time Anonymous stopped believing the indoctrination she got on the job and had an honest conversation.

Those who are well-meaning, have badges and titles, government authority close to that of a police officer, and the ability to take your kids don’t need anonymity. They need accountability

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  • No NUts
    17 August 2016 at 4:51 pm - Reply

    The good thing about CPS is the parents do not have to do as much work and have a lower stress level without the kids. They will have more money and more food without them. In reality they will not miss them. It is good when they do false charges as they don’t allow visitation so the parents don’t even miss them. Cruelty can be good if you like to have things, eat, have a partner, have more money or be able to do what you want without doing shit work no one appreciates so keep that in mind people. It is not all bad not to be a slave to our crappy society that plays bullshit games. Thanks.

    • CLS
      17 August 2016 at 5:45 pm - Reply

      And thanks for coming to respond with your own special brand of crazy.
      You may return to your rubber-lined room now. I hear the nurses have your thorazine ready.