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5 April 2020

Fault Lines Links – Atlanta To Pay $2M In Police Use Of Force Case

Apr. 1, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Happy Friday people, your links this morning:

  • Atlanta City Council is set to approve a $2 million payout to settle a lawsuit brought by Will King over former Officer Kylema Jackson unlawful use of force. Jackson shot and wounded King after a traffic stop. Jackson pleaded guilty to simple battery and reckless conduct. He was sentenced to probation and community service.
  • The civil trial in the NYPD shooting of Mauricio Jaquez in 2009 is set to begin on Monday. Jaquez, whilst allegedly on drugs, lunged at officers with a knife leading them to shoot.
  • Loreal Tsingine was shot dead by Winslow, AZ, police last Sunday. Tsingine allegedly lunged at officers whilst holding scissors leading them to shoot.
  • The family of Laquan McDonald are outraged after learning that Officer Jason Van Dyke, who shot McDonald Dead in October 2014, has been hired as janitor in order to provide assistance to him by the Chicago police union while he suspended as he awaits trial. McDonald was shot 16 times Van Dyke, several times in the back. In April, the city agreed to pay the teen’s family $5 million in damages.
  • A Maryland court reproached police for attempting to conceal their use of Stingrays – a cell-site stimulator. The court rejected the state of Maryland’s argument that anyone turning on a phone was “voluntarily” sharing their whereabouts with the police and that a warrant is required.

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