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12 December 2019

Ben Holm’s Case Fuels the Flames of Campus Hysteria

December 22, 2016 (Fault Lines) — Just when it appears that the eager young minds fragile hysterics who currently attend American universities couldn’t possibly outdo themselves when it comes to making a scandal out of anything they find under any rock, they manage to do something like this:

For three years, rapist Ben Holm walked the Loyola University Chicago campus – and now that he has been convicted, Loyola University Chicago is silent. 

Students at Loyola University Chicago are disgusted by the institution’s actions and do not feel safe on campus – the administration’s silence is only making things worse.

We are calling Loyola University Chicago to make a statement apologizing for its lack of transparency in the case of Ben Holm (AS OF DECEMBER 16 LOYOLA HAS [sic] BROKE ITS SILENCE. ADMINISTRATION SENT AN EMAIL TO THE LOYOLA COMMUNITY.)

We are also calling for Loyola University Chicago educate students and faculty about rape culture and sexual violence.

That’s from a change.org petition that was filed by Ashley Kennedy, a student at Loyola University Chicago. Never mind the all-caps, the typos, and the turgid prose. Ignore the fact that Loyola should refund Ashley her parents the $41K a year they shelled out so she could attend that “top-tier” university, or that her admissions officer must had been in a narcotic stupor when he digested her admissions essay.

Kennedy, and the 1,300 other signatories of her petition, are livid that Loyola did not notify them that Ben Holm had a pending case in Georgia’s Fulton Superior Court. Yesterday, Scott Greenfield did the heavy lifting explaining the seriousness of the crime, the timing of the felony charge, and Holm’s eventual plea during jury deliberations.

The grievance here is that Loyola should’ve notified its students while Holm’s case was pending in Georgia, even though up until December 5 of this year, Holm: (i) had pled not guilty to the charges, and thus was presumed innocent; and (ii) was out on bond for over 3 years, and did nothing to have his prosecutors move to revoke it, let alone have Loyola take notice of anything.

Throughout those 3 years, Holm held the state of Georgia to its burden of proof and minded his P’s and Q’s while attending Loyola and playing on its golf team.  Newsflash for these fragile teacups: no, Loyola didn’t have to alert you of anything, and you are not entitled to an apology, let alone a “statement.” Had Holm’s crime occurred at Loyola, the school could’ve kicked him out and stamped him with a scarlet letter without due process by using Title IX, but that was not the case with Holm.

Still petrified and “literally shaking?” Well, there’s more. Each year, law enforcement makes more than 10 million arrests nationwide, and every single one of those people who’ve been charged are entitled to the presumption of innocence until either the state meets its burden of proof or she pleads out her case. In most circumstances, they bond out while they duke it out with the state. It could be anyone, even that chef who grossly manipulated the traditional recipe for that bành mí you just had for lunch.

I understand Loyola students chose Holm’s case as their outrage du jour, but this happens quite often. People get to walk around while their case is pending, even though they are shaking in their boots while they fight back against the might of the government. Odds are there are fellow primates walking around Loyola today who are facing criminal charges, but you would never know it because they followed one of the basic rules of co-existence: they left you and yours the hell alone while you went about your business.

Outside college campuses, there are people walking around, some with (gasp!) criminal convictions, but who otherwise lead normal lives, remain gainfully employed with whatever shit jobs society gives them, and feed their families.

All that time used to study and become enlightened write the petition and become the latest megaphone for campus hysterics could have been put to better use when it comes to being a professional alarmist. Since these students give much spare time and energy to these “causes,” it would be more effective to look up every student’s name within each docket system (some are not online, so they might have to go into those buildings called “courthouses”) to see whether they have charges pending and what horrible things they have been accused of doing. Then start a petition for each case. It may take some time, but it seems like time is all they have.

Of course, this story couldn’t have been devoid of some “expert” being consulted by the “press,” only to have that expert’s opinion published without basis. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s article on Holm’s case cites “sexual violence prevention educator” Jamie Utt:

One expert says that what’s really unusual in the Holm case is not how much time elapsed between crime and conviction, but the fact that Holm was charged at all.

“This case with him actually being held accountable is the exception,” Jamie Utt, sexual violence prevention educator, said Tuesday. “There are plenty of people who perpetrate sexual assault who will never, ever be held accountable in any shape or form, let alone a prison sentence.”

Cite? Stats? Nada. Does Utt have access to every prosecutorial memorandum in the country that concludes with a decision not to charge? That would be rather unprecedented. And what was Loyola’s response to this fiasco? To educate and tell its students to toughen up grow up? No, quite the contrary, as no one became any more informed, and students were told that it’s okay to continue acting like backward children.

With compliments of the season, see you folks next year at Fault Lines.

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  • Richard G. Kopf
    22 December 2016 at 4:26 pm - Reply


    Coeds need to be protected from people who play golf. That’s the gritty underbelly of the rape culture.

    All the best.

    Rich Kopf

    • albeed
      23 December 2016 at 9:40 am - Reply

      Sorry Your Honor:

      Everyone knows that golfers are trying to but balls into holes in the fewest strokes possible. That’s the gritty underbelly of the golf culture.