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18 January 2020

Fault Lines Links – Cleveland PD Fires, Disciplines 12 Cops in 2012 Car Chase Deaths

Jan. 27, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Hot links coming through this morning:

  • Six cops including Michael Brelo have been dismissed and six will be discplined following an internal investigation over their actions in a 2012 car chase. The car chase resulted in 137 shots being fired and two unarmed black people dead. The officers pursued driver Timothy Russell and his passenger Malissa Williams after hearing what they believed to be gunshots but turned out to be Russell’s vehicle backfiring. Brelo claimed he feared for his life leading him to stand on a police cruiser and shoot numerous times into Russell’s vehicle. Brelo, the only officer to be charged in the incident, was acquitted on manslaughter charges in 2015.
  • Robert Olsen, the Atlanta officer who shot and killed unarmed army veteran Anthony Hill in March 2015, has resigned. A Dekalb County grand jury indicted Officer Robert Olsen on all counts including murder in the fatal shooting.
  • Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan has rejected calls to fire the officers involved in the tasering death of unarmed Dontay Ivy last year. A grand jury declined to indict the cops involved. Sheehan announced that although the officers will face no discplinary action, broader changes are being made such as bias training and introduction of police cameras.
  • Julian DeJesus was shot dead by NY police after refusing to drop a knife he was wielding on Tuesday. NY Officers were responding to a 911 call when they encountered DeJesus in his grandmother’s apartment and he allegedly lunged at them with a knife.

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