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3 July 2020

Fault Lines Links – County Attorney Calls To Expand Inquiry Into Jamar Clark’s Death

Feb. 24, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Morning folks, your links this morning:

  • Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman has called for Minnesota authorities to expand its investigation into the police shooting of Jamar Clark in November 2015. Clark was shot in the head while handcuffed. Freeman must still decide whether to bring criminal charges against the officers involved.
  • Inglewood, CA, Mayor James Butts revealed that Kisha Michael and Marquintan Sandlin who were shot and killed by police on Sunday, were unconscious for 45 mins when officers arrived on the scene and attempted to rouse them. The cops had claimed they were investigating a suspicious vehicle when it was made known to them that Michael and Sandlin were armed. Her family maintain that she didn’t own a gun and she was non-threatening.
  • Gerald Hankerson, the head of the NAACP for Seattle-King County, has called the police shooting of Che Taylor this weekend “cold blooded murder”. He disputes the officers’ claim that Che reached for his waistband leading the cops to shoot.
  • Des Moines County attorney Amy Beaver will face a noncriminal action for failing to turn over records in the case of the shooting of Autumn Steele by Burlington police in January 2015. Burlington Officer Jesse Hill, intending to shoot Steele’s dog, mistakenly shot her instead.
  • The vigilante hacker collective “Anonymous” announced their intentions to target Cincinnati police over the shooting death of Paul Gaston last week. Police shot Gaston after he crashed his car and appeared to reach for a gun-like object in his waistband which turned out to be an air-soft pellet gun.
  • Authorities in Georgia have concluded their investigation into the police shooting of Bobby Daniels last December and decide whether to charge the deputy involved. Bobby Daniels was shot dead by police responding to a domestic disturbance. The audio tape and witness accounts, however, identified Bobby Daniels’ son, 25 year old Bias Daniels, as the gun-wielding suspect on the scene.
  • Louisville Officer Leslie Wagner will stand trial for the third time for lying to a grand jury. Wagner is charged with perjury and false swearing in connection with the confrontation and arrest of a repo man in October 2013. Her other trials ended in hung huries.

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  • Richard G. Kopf
    24 February 2016 at 3:36 pm - Reply

    Ms. Walsh,

    Regarding the Des Moines County Attorney, you use the word “prosecuted” in describing the action taken against the County Attorney. However, she was not “prosecuted” for a “crime” but rather she will face a civil penalty under Iowa’s law if an ALJ, a board and ultimately a district judge conclude that sanctions should be levied. Indeed, the article itself describes the matter as a “noncriminal action.”

    I don’t mean to nitpick, but in this circumstance clarity is especially important. All the best.


  • Richard G. Kopf
    24 February 2016 at 3:42 pm - Reply

    Ms. Walsh,

    In fairness to you, I should have added that the headline (wrongly) uses the word “prosecuted” even though the body of the article makes it clear that the action was not a criminal action taken against the County Attorney.

    All the best.


    • Ana Sofia Walsh
      24 February 2016 at 4:10 pm - Reply

      Dear Judge Kopf,

      I appreciate the corrections, nitpicking is what lawyers do.
      I will be sure to keep an eagle eye out for any such mishaps in the future.

      All the best,

      Ana Sofia