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23 November 2020

Fault Lines Friday Fail

October 28, 2016 (Fault Lines) — Are you staring at the clock, counting down the minutes till quitting time? Is your office window more interesting than the work at your desk? Then it’s that most wonderful time of the week, the (almost) weekend, and time for another edition of the Fault Lines Friday Fail. Our contributors worked tirelessly this week to bring you the best legal analysis on the web. Now we step back, and you, our valued readers, get to have your say.

The Fault Lines Friday Fail is our weekly reader selected “prize” given to the week’s most monumental failure of the criminal justice system, as brought to you by our Fault Lines contributors. Last week’s “winner” is the Texas deputy whose “training and experience” led him to believe heavy breathing was a sign a person dealt drugs. Check out this week’s top 5 fails and pick your favorite.

  1. A Texas blood analyst for DWI cases takes the fifth during “expert” testimony over his work.
  2. The DEA is willing to investigate anyone involved with opioids, except their creators.
  3. A California traffic court judge used his courtroom for a revenue generation
  4. Connecticut cops beat a college student trying to help stop a domestic dispute.
  5. Indiana prosecutors hate bail reform because it means they’ll have to work more.

While carefully selecting the failure of your choosing, please remember the Friday Fail’s First (and only) Rule: you can’t vote if you didn’t read the post. Go ahead, it’s cool. We’ll be here when you get back. And while it’s not a requirement, if you’d leave a comment below telling us why your selection was the best choice, it would be really appreciated. You’ve got the floor, so let us know what you think and why you think it!

What was this week's worst fail?

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Wait, don’t go just yet! Before you head off for the weekend, we’d really like to know: is there something we left out of this week’s Friday Fail that deserved inclusion? If so, let us know in the comments. It’s cool. And as always, if you see a criminal justice failure so horrible it deserves a spot in next week’s edition of the Friday Fail, let us know on Twitter at @faultXlines with the hashtag #FridayFail so we can check it out.
We look forward to hearing from you. And have fun.

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  • Mario Machado
    28 October 2016 at 4:22 pm - Reply

    Going with the DEA’s fail this week. The cost in lives due to the DEA’s pivot is incalculable.