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18 November 2019

Fault Lines Friday Fail

November 18, 2016 (Fault Lines) —  We’re less than a week away from that time of year when carving knives, tryptophan-induced comas, and awkward dinner conversations are the norm. Fret not, dear reader, because it’s that most wonderful time of the week, the (almost) weekend, and another edition of the Fault Lines Friday Fail. Our contributors worked tirelessly this week to bring you the best legal analysis the web has to offer. Now it’s time you, our valued readers, get to have your say.

The Fault Lines Friday Fail is our weekly reader-selected “prize” to the week’s biggest failure of the criminal justice system, as presented by Fault Lines contributors. Last week’s “winner” was Springfield, Massachusetts Detective Gregg Bigda who somehow thought he could charge errant teenagers with killing President Kennedy and get away with it. Check out the week’s top five fails and pick your favorite.

  1. Cops still think suing random people for “inciting violence” is a good idea.
  2. Oakland’s new civilian police commission looks as ineffective as their old one.
  3. Speeding well over 88 miles per hour is “fun and games” when you’re police chief.
  4. A veteran calls a suicide hotline and gets an illegal home search for his troubles.
  5. San Fransisco cops ticket the homeless for ruining the city’s “quality of life.”

While you browse this week’s carefully curated catastrophes, keep in mind the Friday Fail’s one rule: you can’t vote unless you’ve read the post. Go ahead, it’s cool. We’ll be here when you return. And if you leave a comment telling the world why your selection was the biggest failure of them all, Fault Lines’ completely unscientific study shows it means one less awkward holiday family interaction. Go ahead, voice your opinion and give yourself a little less stress!

Which fail would make you upchuck a bit o' bird?

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Hold on! Before you go, if we missed something that should have made the cut for this week’s Friday Fail, please let us know in the comments. It’s our mean-ass editor’s way of keeping the contributors accountable. And as always, if you see a criminal justice system failure worthy of inclusion in the next Friday Fail, please let us know on Twitter at @faultXlines with the hashtag #FridayFail so we can check it out.

We look forward to hearing from you. And have fun.

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  • CLS
    18 November 2016 at 11:35 am - Reply

    My vote this week goes to DC Metro’s police and the asshat from the suicide hotline who made the call.
    I would continue my comments. They would be filled with numerous four letter words. Therefore I’m shutting up.

  • David Stretton
    18 November 2016 at 5:28 pm - Reply

    Triple Digit Speeding, in deference to that golden oldie ‘Brings the administration of justice into disrepute.’ That and it’s just unbelievably stupid. A wee bit dangerous too.

    • CLS
      18 November 2016 at 6:50 pm - Reply

      A sound choice. Few enjoy stupid. Even fewer when it’s law enforcement perpetuating the stupid and dangerous because they can. Get your friends and family to vote it up!