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25 May 2020

Fault Lines Links: California Bans Grand Juries In Police Involved Killings

Aug. 13, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Good morning, people. Tons of news out there today.

  • California just passed a law banning grand juries in officer involved killings. You can read Scott’s take here.
  • A grey SUV plowed through protesters in Ferguson. The driver went free and activists Brittany Ferrell and Alexis Templeton were detained; they have both since been released on bonds. Ferrell faces up to 4 years in jail for kicking the SUV and causing “$5,000 worth of damage” and Templeton faces assault charges for allegedly punching the driver. Robert McCulloch is a trip, you guys.
  • A drunk Denver police officer was put on desk duty for punching his wife in the face and telling her “she’d be dead” if she called the cops. And that is how you deal with domestic violence.
  • “I don’t want to die in your jail cell” – words uttered by Ralkina Jones on body-cam footage while explaining her health issues to officers, before being found dead in her jail cell a few hours later.
  • Former Baltimore prosecutor penned an op-ed claiming the State Attorney Marilyn Mosby has a role in the recent increase in violence in the city.
  • Prosecutors in the Freddie Gray case say at least one member of the police department has been leaking information to the defense.
  • Casey George Alarcon was killed in a shooting on Tuesday by police officers after a “struggle” in Idaho. More information to be released.
  • A woman was shot dead by LA police after a suspected robbery. Police say she was armed with a knife. Officers weren’t wearing body cams.
  • Robert Quinn’s death at the hands of police officers in Pennsylvania has been ruled “suicide by cops“.
  • Unarmed 14 year old Radazz Hearns is in critical condition after being shot 7 times by police officers in Trenton, NJ. Officers were questioning Hearns and his friends about shots that were fired when Hearns ran away. Police claim Hearns was reaching into his waistband for a gun.
  • 24 year old Joe Bart was shot dead in by Oakland police on Wednesday. Police claim Bart was an armed robbery suspect, however witnesses claim he was unarmed.


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