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20 October 2021

Fault Lines Links: Chicago PD Accused Of Covering Up Darius Pinex Shooting

Sept. 28, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Welcome to the working week folks, here are your links:

  • Chicago PD has been accused of a cover up in a police-involved shooting which occurred nearly five years ago. Officers Gildardo Sierra and Raoul Mosqueda shot dead Darius Pinex and injured Matthew Colyer at a traffic stop, claiming they mistook the victim’s car for a vehicle description transmitted over police radio. According to court records, the officers couldn’t have heard the dispatch as it was emitted over a different frequency. This discrepancy coupled with the admission of one of the state’s attorneys that he withheld key evidence from the defence before trial could overturn a jury verdict in the officers’ favor.
  • Baltimore Officer William Porter reportedly told police investigators that Freddie Gray had asked for help and was in medical distress. Porter, one of the six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray, is set to stand trial first as he will be used as a witness against two other officers.
  • A Virginia cop is under investigation for tasering an unarmed black man for no reason. The man had been stopped on suspicion of theft and was later charged with grand larceny. Video footage shows the man complying with police orders to turn around and put his hands on a vehicle before he was tasered by the officer.
  • Baltimore police released the video showing unarmed teen Kenneth Harrison McLeod being shot dead by Officer Earomirski for imitating a gun with his fingers. Baltimore County police defended the officer’s actions saying it was a “life or death decision.” An investigation is under way.
  • The family of Latandra Ellington have filed a lawsuit against the State of Florida claiming they covered up Ellington’s death. Latandra Ellington died in custody with only 7 months left in her 22 month sentence. Ten days before her death, Ellington had allegedly written to her family that Officer Quercioli and another unnamed officer had threaten her life. Officer Quercioli has left the department and, to date, no one has been charged.
  • Chicago officers shot and killed mentally ill man James Anderson on Friday night. Anderson was holding a boxcutters and approaching the officers when he was shot twice. The Independent Police Review Authority will investigate the incident.

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