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18 September 2020

Fault Lines Links – Dennis Hastert set to plead guilty

Oct. 16, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — It’s Friday people, here’s what we’re watching:

  • Former US House Speaker Dennis Hastert has reached a plea deal on charges of violating federal banking laws by paying $3.5 million to cover up past sexual misconduct. Hastert is expected to plead guilty at a hearing set for October 28.
  • Macomb County, Michigan is seeking the dismissal of a federal lawsuit over the in-custody death of Daniel Stojcevski. Stojcevski died last month from drug withdrawal while serving a 30-day jail sentence.
  • SCOTUS will hear an appeal brought by five Pennsylvania death row inmates over the state’s execution methods. The lawsuit alleges that the Department of Corrections improperly altered the combination of drugs used for lethal injections.
  • NYPD Officer Michael Ackermann was found guilty of lying about the arrest of NY Times photographer Robert Stolarik during the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2012.
  • The mother of Tamir Rice is set to demand that a special prosecutor take over in the case of the fatal shooting of her son. This comes after prosecutors released reports finding that Officer Tim Loehmann’s use of force was justifiable.
  • Video footage shows an LA Officer repeatedly punching suspect James Smith at the end of a high speed chase. An investigation is underway.

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