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20 May 2019

Fault Lines Links: Family of Fernando Longoria File Suit In Jailhouse Death

Sept. 18, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — A bit late, but here are your links for the day.

  • The family of Fernando Longoria filed a lawsuit over the 29 year old’s death at a Texas jail in January. The lawsuit claims that Cameron County Detention Center staff neglected Longoria’s psychological breakdown, leading to his death. Longoria was serving a ten day sentence for driving while intoxicated.
  • A trial date has been set for the former Virginia cop charged with first degree murder in the death of 18 year old William Chapman. Stephen Rankin was indicted by a grand jury in the unjustified shooting of Chapman in a Walmart parking lot earlier this year. Trial is set for late February 2016.
  • It defies reason and logic, but it took nine Stockton, California police officers to arrest an unarmed young black teenager for jaywalking. The video footage of the incident is brutal.
  • Former Seattle officer Cynthia Whitlach has been fired for racial bias after she arrested an elderly black man for using a golf club as a cane. Seattle Police Department stated that Whitlach’s “behavior was unnecessarily aggressive, an abuse of discretion, and negatively impacted the community’s confidence in this police service.”

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