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16 June 2019

Fault Lines Links – Jerry Brown signs new bills to curb racial profiling

Oct. 5, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Welcome to Monday folks, here are your links:

  • California Governor Jerry Brown signed new bills aimed at curbing racial profiling on Saturday night. The new measures, hated by police unions, include a requirement that officers collect demographic data on people they stop and a requirement that officers compile annual reports on all uses of force that result in serious injury or death.
  • The NYPD unveiled new use of force policies last week. Officers will now be required to document instances where force is used as well as incidents where a suspect is injured.
  • Missouri Governor Jay Nixon commuted death row inmate Kimber Edwards’ sentence to life in prison. Edwards was due to be executed on Tuesday. Orthell Williams, who was convicted of murderingĀ of Edwards’ wife, confessed to a journalist that he had acted alone. However, Governor Nixon affirmed that there was still enough evidence to support Edwards’ conviction for first degree murder.
  • Judge Barbour allowed a class action suit against the Mississippi Department of Corrections. The judge stated that there was sufficient evidence to show that inmates at a privately run prison had been denied “adequate food, shelter, medical and mental health care and safety” and subjected to unreasonable harm.
  • Arlington PD turned over their findings on the fatal shooting of Christian Taylor in August by Officer Brad Miller to the District Attorney. Miller, who has since been fired from the department, shot the teenager four times after he claimed Taylor charged at him.
  • Florida Officer Tim Claussen has been fired after video footage emerged of him tasering unarmed Lester Brown with his hands up last month.

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