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7 June 2020

Fault Lines Links – Handcuffed Man Tasered 20 Times Dies In Police Custody in Virginia

Nov. 13, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Hi folks, your morning news update:

  • Graphic video footage shows three Virginia officers tasing Linwood Lambert Jr. up to 20 times while handcuffed outside a hospital. Lambert had initially been brought to the hospital to receive medical attention and later died following the incident. Lambert’s family has filed a $25million civil suit alleging excessive force, wrongful death and denial of medical care.
  • El Paso police shot and wounded Dana Bruce Ott last week. The officers had been responding to reports that a man wielding a rifle and making threats. Ott’s neighbor claims the police made a mistake as Ott used an air soft rifle to shoot at coyotes.
  • Former South Carolina cop Michael Slager, who was indicted for killing Walter Scott, is suing a police organization for failing to defend him.
  • San Diego DA announced that no charges will be brought against Officer Neal Browder who shot Fridoon Rawshad Nehad in April. Browder shot and killed Nehad after he brandished what appeared to be a knife but later turned out to be a pen.
  • Nouman Raja who shot and killed Corey Jones last month has been fired from Palm Beach Gardens, FL, police department.
  • A third police expert report has ruled that the police shooting of Tamir Rice was justified. A grand jury is currently hearing evidence in the case and considering pressing charges.
  • The FBI announced that it will conduct an investigation into the shooting death of Idaho rancher Jack Yantis.
  • 18 year old Gabbi Mello filed a federal civil rights lawsuit accusing California cop Marcus Holton of police brutality. Mello claims Holton grabbed her by the neck and slammed her on the concrete after she disputed the ongoing arrest of her sister.

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