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19 January 2020

Fault Lines Links: Mansur Ball-Bey Killed By St. Louis Police, Protests Erupt

Aug. 20, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Good morning. Links below.

  • On the anniversary of the death of Kajieme Powell, St. Louis officers serving a search warrant on a home fatally shot teenager Mansur Ball-Bey. According to police Bey pointed a gun at them upon exiting the house. A large crowd of people didn’t see it that way and immediately protested the killing.
  • Baltimore officer Wesley Cagle has been charged with attempted first degree murder for shooting Michael Johansen after he had already been shot by two officers. State Attorney Marilyn Mosby said the first two officer’s shootings were justified but Cagle’s intervention was unnecessary as the man was no longer a threat.
  • Former North Carolina officer Michael Slager who fatally shot Walter Scott is being sued for wrongfully deploying his taser on Mario Givens.
  • Pemiscot County, MO, inmate Michael Robinson died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Authorities have begun an investigation into his medical treatment at the prison. He was a severe diabetic.
  • New Jersey man Marcus Hubbard, who has Lou Gehrig’s disease and lost the use of his arms, has gun charges against him dropped. He was held for four months, before charges were dismissed for ‘lack of evidence.’
  • Detroit ICE officer Mitchell Quinn will not be charged in the killing of Terrance Kellom. Kellom’s family plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit.
  • Former Fairfax, VA police officer Adam Torres was denied bail and fainted in court. Torres was indicted on a second degree murder charge in the fatal shooting of John Geer in 2013.
  • Former inmates at a private Nashville jail claim prison employees unlawfully profited from their unpaid labor.
  • San Jose PD “rectify” their statement in the fatal police-involved shooting of a man on Sunday night. Officers had asserted that the victim was reaching for his waistband prior to being shot, but it later emerged that the man was shot in the back while fleeing the police.
  • Security footage shows that unarmed Fridoon Rawshan Nehad shot by officer Neal Browder in April did not pose a threat to the officer. Browder failed to turn on his body cam and the City of San Diego refuses to release the security footage to the public.

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