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4 March 2021

Fault Lines Links – North Charleston Settles With Family of Walter Scott For $6.5M

Oct. 9, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Happy Friday everybody, the links:

  • North Charleston, SC, reached a $6.5 million settlement with the family of Walter Scott. Scott was shot dead by former Officer Michael Slager while fleeing a traffic stop in April this year. Slager remains in custody awaiting trial on murder charges.
  • Randall Kerrick, the Charlotte Officer who was cleared last month in the fatal shooting of unarmed Jonathan Ferrell, resigned from the department and will receive $113,000 in backpay.
  • The Oklahoman newspaper reported that Oklahoma used the wrong drug in the execution of Charles Warner in January. Oklahoma, which has put a hold on executions due to a drug mix up, allegedly administered a drug in the Warner execution which was not included in its official execution protocol.
  • A bipartisan group in the House of Representatives unveiled its version of a controversial sentencing “reform” bill on Thursday. The new bill comes as a companion to the sentencing reform bill proposed in the Senate last week and seeks to reduce the ‘three-strike’ mandatory life sentence to 25 years and reduce certain mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences, while creating new mandatory minimums for other crimes.
  • Worcester, MA, settled a police brutality case brought by Daisy Morales for $125,000. 63-year old Morales claimed that Officer Powers brutally beat her and tried to cover it up by issuing bogus charges against her in 2013.
  • Former inmate Kenneth Zartner has filed a federal lawsuit claiming excessive force against Denver police and jail employees. Zartner claims the officer and jail employees were ‘deliberately indifferent’ to injuries he sustained in the booking process and delayed treatment for abdominal pains he was suffering.

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