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30 September 2020

Fault Lines Links: Plea Deal For Dennis Hastert?

Sept. 29, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Morning all, here’s what you need to know today.

  • A plea deal is being considered for former US House Speaker Dennis Hastert, accused of violating federal banking laws paying $3.5 million to cover up past sexual misconduct. Hastert denies the charges and remains free on bond.
  • Paul Looney, criminal defense attorney and lead of an independent commission set up to investigate the in-custody death of Sandra Bland, reportedly had a financial relationship with Waller County’s top elected official Carbett “Trey” Duhon. Unsurprisingly, Bland’s family is calling on the Justice Department to conduct its own investigation.
  • A federal lawsuit has been filed in fatal shooting of Zachary Hammond by a Seneca Officer Mark Tiller in July this year. The suit will enable the family to obtain dash cam footage of the incident and other evidence that has been withheld up until now.
  • New state laws to take effect on Thursday will enable Marylanders to clear minor charges from their criminal records. Officials say these expungements should help people fare better in the employment market.
  • Unarmed John Joseph Rau was shot in the leg by a Baltimore Officer on Monday for refusing to show his hands. Witnesses contradict the police’s story saying Rau was stopped for no reason and had complied with police orders. This will be the first incident to be investigated by the newly created Special Investigation Response Team.
  • Delaware Councilman Jea P. Street called for a federal probe into the shooting of wheelchair-bound Jeremy McDole.

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