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23 July 2019

Fault Lines Links: Rexdale W. Henry, Police Custody Deaths, Cleveland Protests

July 27, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Good morning. Here’s what you missed over the weekend.

  • Oakland pair indicted on ‘domestic terrorism’ charges for freeing minks all over the country in protest against their use by the fur industry. Harsh or is this about preventing a 12 Monkey’s-type scenario?
  • An Orlando man was fatally shot by police officer after ‘very violent struggle’. Police chief believes some suspects are purposively becoming aggressive and are ‘out to get the police‘. Well in that case, blast away, guys.
  • Another jailhouse ‘suicide,’ this time with a handgun found in a prisoner’s cell in Baltimore.
  • Robbie Lee Edison was killed by police in Wyoming following a confrontation. The car he was driving was stolen and he had nationwide extraditable warrants. No other details available as to the surrounding circumstances of the dispute.
  • Another death in police custody. Rexdale W. Henry, a Native American activist, is found dead in his jail cell in Mississippi. He was arrested for failure to pay a traffic fine and was seen alive 30 min prior to his death. Unsurprisingly, his family is pushing for a private autopsy.
  • Police in Cleveland pepper spray demonstrators at a Black Lives Matter protest and forcefully arrest a 14 year old boy.
  • One more. A Houston woman died in police custody after being arrested on a public intoxication charge.

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