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13 August 2020

Fault Lines Links – Sandra Bland, Ricardo Diaz Zeferino & Eric Garner

July 17, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Linkwrap time, people. Get it while it’s hot.
  • Here’s some brutal video of a Chandler, Arizona cop entering woman’s home illegally and arresting her while she’s in a towel. The cop retired in the middle of an investigation. The other cop who stood by and watched this entire mess unfold was cleared of wrongdoing.
  • One of NYPD’s unions doesn’t like the Eric Garner settlement and they’re making the rounds saying just that because that’s what they’re paid to do. Great work if you can get it.
  • The video of police officers summarily executing Ricardo Diaz Zeferino in Gardena, California was finally released to the public after the city paid out over $4M in settlement money to victims and their families. For more on this check out articles by Ken and Greg.
  • St. Louis County is apparently still considering whether to charge journalists Ryan Reilly and Wesley Lowery on the nonsensical trespassing charges thrown at them during their coverage of the Ferguson protests last year. There’s video of Lowery’s arrest, btw.
  • Sandra Bland, a 28 year old African-Amerian woman, was forcibly arrested in Texas for failing to signal while changing lanes. She died in her jail cell a short time after. Police are claiming suicide. Non-police are suspicious as all get out.
  • The news isn’t all bad. Cristian had an excellent rundown of what went right this week. Two American presidents acknowledged publicly that the criminal justice system is broken. Welcome to reality, gentlemen.

Grim, right? I’m sorry for that. We should probably balance this out with some digital candy.

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