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16 July 2019

Fault Lines Links: Troy Goode, Samuel Dubose, Barry Bonds

July 22, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Good morning, people. We got the links, if you got the time…

  • The Troy Goode story gets weirder and sadder. Troy’s family claims they were threatened with arrest if they showed up at the hospital treating the 30 year old father. Police hogtied and placed Troy face down on a stretcher during a recent arrest.
  • A University of Cincinnati “police officer” isĀ under investigation for the shooting death of Samuel Dubose. “Officer” Ray Tensing stopped Dubose over a missing license plate.
  • After nearly ten years of trying, the Feds gave up on its prosecution of baseball legend Barry Bonds.
  • The New York Times put out a brutally depressing story on young black men getting kicked off their health insurance on the premise they were “participating in illegal activity.” So if Mike Brown lived, Mega-Health Inc. denies him coverageĀ just because they can? Lovely.
  • As a reminder, the good people at The Guardian have a running tally of Americans killed by police in 2015. The numbers are worse than you think.

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