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5 April 2020

Fault Lines Links – FBI Probes New Orleans Police Shooting

Feb. 19, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Good morning folks, here’s what you need to know today –

  • The FBI and a New Orleans police task force is investigating the fatal shooting of Eric Harris by police last week. Officers Kenneth Bonura and Henry DeJean claim they were pursuing Harris’ vehicle and opened fire when he crashed into a telephone pole. Harris’ girlfriend, who was present at the scene, disputes the police account, asserting that the officers rammed into Harris’ car and then began shooting.
  • The family of Jeffrey Edwards will receive a $4.6 million settlement from Seneca, NY. Edwards was attempting to surrender when officers shot him in the neck, paralyzing him. Edwards died of his injuries four years later
  • St. Paul will pay $100,000 to settle a police brutality lawsuit brought by Chris Lollie, after footage emerged of him being tasered in a skyway by police in January
  • A Minneapolis grand jury found that the police shooting of Philip Quinn by St. Paul Officer Richard McQuire last September was justified. Dash cam footage appeared to corroborate that McQuire shot the man while fearing for his life when Quinn lunged at him with a screwdriver.
  • An investigation has begun into the police shooting of Joseph Noel by Commerce, GA, officers on Thursday. Officers responding to a domestic disturbance found Noel hiding in an attic brandishing what appeared to be a gun, leading them to taser and shoot him.
  • A Baltimore officer fatally shot a man who allegedly made threatening movements towards his waistband during a traffic stop on Thursday morning.
  • Santa Ana police shot and killed two robbery suspects on Thursday after they allegedly opened fire on officers.

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