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1 March 2021

Florida Bedroom Denial Turns Into Domestic Nightmare

February 17, 2017 (Fault Lines) — It’s been said that when couples unite in matrimony, the spark of romance has a tendency to fizzle out. What begins as bedroom eyes for some can turn into eyes of malice and rage later in a relationship. For a Florida couple, a lack of sex drove a man into a violent incident where he shot his new wife over a failure to consummate their marriage.

Donald Royce didn’t really mean to shoot his 62-year-old bride, though. He simply grabbed a gun on February 3 when his attempts at getting frisky with his bride fizzled, and fired a couple of shots into the bed to express his displeasure with being denied marital relations. That the bullets zinged and hit his wife in the hip and buttocks is a minor outlier in a major incident.

You see, Royce and his “wife” had been married since August of 2016. At no point in time had the couple ever consummated the marriage. This sexless lifestyle arguably angered Donald Royce, who wanted to see his marriage to Katherine Fivecoat succeed. She didn’t want to put in the work, and might have seen the arrangement as little more than a marriage of convenience, so the two went without any connubial bliss until February, when Donald Royce acted in anger.

It’s a given Katherine Fivecoat probably tried the “not now, honey, I’m tired,” approach with Donald Royce the night of February 3. He wasn’t buying it one bit though. According to the probable cause statement from the Lee County Sheriff’s office, Royce got angry over the sleeping arrangements the two would share that evening. He even got a gun and said, “you will be sorry.”

It’s clear now Donald Royce meant to shoot up the separate bed in which Katherine Fivecoat regularly slept. What isn’t clear is why Lee County would make this an issue. Odds are there’s more than one cop in their police department who’s been turned down by a spouse and experienced sexual frustration. Donald Royce lived sexual frustration for six months. No one expected violence in that situation?

It’s sad this issue will lead to criminal prosecution for Royce, who wanted nothing more than a bit of intimacy with his bride. Why she repeatedly turned him down is anybody’s guess, but the two clearly need a therapist to help deal with their marital issues, if Katherine Fivecoat is still willing to pursue a relationship with Donald Royce after this incident.

This is an act of domestic violence, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s office. The involvement of a gun doesn’t make it any better. That doesn’t mean the love Katherine Fivecoat and Donald Royce once shared is any less significant than when they married in August of 2016. If the two want a therapist that will listen to their needs, help them reconcile their marriage, and unite the two in matrimonial bliss, Fault Lines has the situation under control.

You can read more about our proposed therapist here.

H/T to The Smoking Gun and to Judge Kopf, who recently took judicial notice crime in Florida is always the best kind of crime to watch.

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