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30 March 2020

Fault Lines Links – Footage of Alfontish Cockerham’s Shooting Disputes Police’s Account

Dec. 22, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Hi folks, the links this morning:

  • Footage released of Alfontish Cockerham’s shooting disputes Chicago PD’s account of events. The police department had asserted that Cockerham was shot by Officer Anthony Babicz after he pointed a gun at him, however, the footage shows that Cockerham drops the object that looks like the alleged gun several moments before he is shot.
  • A Texas grand jury decided not to indict anyone over the in-custody death of Sandra Bland in July. Bland was found hanging in her cell 3 days after she was arrested for a traffic violation.
  • Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police has increased efforts to push for the destruction of misconduct records that are more than 5 years old in advance of a federal investigation into the police department.
  • A new trial date in the case of Baltimore Officer William Porter has been set for June 13, 2016 in the death of Freddie Gray in police custody in April. Porter’s trial ended earlier this month in a mistrial.
  • Butte County DA will reevaluate the police shooting of Andrew Thomas by Paradise, CA, Officer Patrick Feaster following Thomas’ death. The DA had announced that Feaster would not face charges in his ‘accidental’ shooting of Thomas last month.
  • San Juan DA announced that it will not seek charges against Farmington, NM, Officer David Rock in the fatal shooting of Heriberto Nava-Martinez in September. Nava-Martinez was under arrest and in a hospital for blood tests, when he lunged at Rock and reportedly reached for the his gun. Rock’s bodycam footage had also previously been released.

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  • Scott Jacobs
    22 December 2015 at 2:18 pm - Reply

    “Footage released of Alfontish Cockerham’s shooting disputes Chicago PD’s account of events.”

    No kidding. What were the odds?