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3 March 2021

Fault Lines Links – Fort Worth Releases Footage Of Craigory Adams Police Shooting

Mar. 31, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Morning folks, the links today:

  • Fort Worth, TX, released police footage of the shooting of black man Craigory Adams by white Officer Courtney Johnson in June 2015. Johnson, responding to a call of a man armed with a knife, shot Adams while he was holding a barbecue fork. The officer was previously indicted on aggravated assault charges. Adams family claim it was a racially motivated shooting.
  • Albuquerque officer Jacob Grant is set to receive a $6.5 million settlement from the city after he was shot by former lieutenant Greg Brachle over nine times during a botched drug bust last year.
  • Stanislav Petrov, who was brutally beaten by Alameda County, CA, police last year, announced that he will file a police brutality lawsuit against the officers involved.
  • A judge has barred the release of the police video footage of the shooting of Daniel Shaver by former Mesa Officer Philip Brailsford. Brailsford was charged with murder earlier this month for allegedly shooting Shaver while he was on his knees in the process of surrendering. The judge said the measure was necessary to protect the “trial’s integrity”.

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