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4 June 2020

Fault Lines Links – Grand Juror Requests Re-Opening Of Caroline Small Police Shooting Case

Feb. 17, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Good morning folks – here are your links:

  • A Georgia grand juror has formally requested the reopening of the 2010 police shooting of Caroline Small, claiming Brunswick District Attorney Jackie Johnson mishandled the case. Small was killed after officers shot through her windshield following a car crash. Officers involved claim they feared for their lives.
  • Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced his support for a measure that would force the city to release police shooting videos within 60 days of the incident.
  • Two workers at Chicago’s 911 call center were suspended for failing to send help after Quintonio LeGrier placed calls for assistance. A car was only dispatched after his third call. Officer Robert Rialmo shot and killed LeGrier in January claiming the teen came at him with a baseball bat. Rialmo also shot and killed bystander Bettie Jones.
  • A coalition of clergymen, elected officials and activists filed a court petition on Tuesday requesting the removal of Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez from the Laquan McDonald police shooting investigation and the appointment of a special prosecutor.

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  • Paul L.
    17 February 2016 at 11:08 am - Reply

    One Chicago Cop does not like releasing police shooting videos within 60 days of the incident.
    “This is a purely political move, based solely on appeasing certain elements who favor a rush to judgement, no matter what it means in regard to actually putting together a case that will stand up in court and withstand repeated appeals…That takes too long for the race-baiters and the “rush-to-judgement” crowd. They don’t want an actual investigation that will take months and months and might actually prove the police acted within the scope of the law. They want a lynching, plain and simple.”