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2 April 2020

Fault Lines Links – Grand Jury Declines To Indict MS Officer In Unarmed Black Man’s Death

Jan. 13, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Good morning people, here’s what you need to know:

  • A Mississippi grand jury declined to indict Officer Kevin Herrington in the death of unarmed Jonathan Sanders in July 2015. The circumstances of Sanders death remain unclear. Herrington claims that after he stopped Sanders in his horse and buggy, the man died of asphyxiation from a cocaine overdose. Sanders family maintains that he had no links to drugs and that he died after Herrington held him in a chokehold for 20 minutes.
  • Pennsylvania cop Clark Steele shot dead 12-year-old Ciara Meyer on Tuesday, when a bullet fired at her father traveled through his arm and hit her. Her father, Donald Meyer, allegedly pointed a gun at officers seeking to enforce an eviction order.
  • A Chicago judge issued an order to preserve all documents and evidence in the fatal shootings of Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones last month. The order comes after one of the city’s lawyers resigned for intentionally concealing evidence in the Darius Pinex police shooting.
  • A federal judge will rule on Thursday whether to release of video of the 2013 shooting of 17-year old Cedrick Chatman by Chicago police. Chatman’s family claim he was shot in the back while fleeing, contradicting the police version of the incident.
  • Body cam footage of shooting of Cameron Massey by Alabama police in 2012 was released. After pulling Massey over, Officer Ralph Conners and John Philips claim they feared for their lives when he dragged Philips down the road leading them to shoot. Massey’s family claim the footage disputes the officers’ account that they were in any imminent danger.
  • Salt Lake County DA announced that the new video of the January 2015 police killing of James Dudley Barker will not change his ruling.  Officer Matthew Taylor had originally been found justified in shooting Barker after a physical struggle. The video appeared to contradict this account, showing Taylor standing over Barker’s body and shooting him at close range.
  • Cincinnati cops Andrea Harmon and Kevin Manz shot dead robbery suspect Robert Tenbrink after he brandished what they believed to be a firearm but turned out to be a BB gun on Monday. Cincinnati PD issued an odd warning saying “Anyone engaged in crime, we’re coming for you. If you point a gun at a cop, we’re going to shoot.”

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