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10 August 2020

Fault Lines Links – Kenosha Cop Cleared In Shooting Of Unarmed Aaron Siler

Mar. 14, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Morning folks, your links today:

  • Kenosha District Attorney announced that Officer Paul Torres will not face any criminal charges in the fatal shooting of Aaron Siler last year. Torres, who had just returned to work after being on leave for another shooting, shot Siler when he mistook a plastic bucket Siler was holding for a lead pipe.
  • 16-year old Jose Raul Cruz was shot dead and another wounded by an off-duty police officer in Addison, TX, after the officer allegedly came upon a crime in progress.
  • A Houston police officer identified as ‘K. Levi’ shot and killed an unarmed suspect on Sunday after he charged at officers and tasers failed to subdue him. A witness at the scene stated that the man did not appear to be a danger to officers.
  • Three Biloxi officers are on leave without pay after they fatally shot allegedly armed Wesley Sheppard on a bridge on Friday. Authorities say officers were called to the scene following reports of an armed man on a bridge. Further details are still to be released.
  • Former Akron, OH, police chief Douglas Prade’s  request for a new murder trial was denied. Prade was convicted of his wife’s murder, then exonerated and later had the exoneration quashed in October 2014.

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