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1 June 2020

My Friday in McKinney, Texas

June 11, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — On Friday, June 6th, my oldest grandson graduated from high school in McKinney, Texas. He was in the top 10% of his class, was recruited by Harvard and Yale, has received a full-ride to Texas Tech, and I am naturally very proud of the young man. It was an excellent Friday in McKinney for me.

As Scott Greenfield pointed out on Monday, another event also occurred on Friday, where McKinney Police Corporal Eric Casebolt went full wacko on a bunch of kids in swim suits. Obviously this went viral and the conversation at PoliceOne* revealed some curious thoughts:

“Animals get treated like animals. Remember the police were called because the animals were OUT OF CONTROL.”

Yep, those people aren’t people with constitutional rights, they are animals. Can’t blame the police if they go overboard, they’re not people but animals.

“This was not a race issue. The real issue is that one particular officer was extremely amped up. He looked like he was trained in nazi germany.”

It was a race issue and the officer still looked like he was trained in Nazi Germany. Minimizing the racial aspects will not make this go away or be better.

“Damn shame that some of you call yourselves the police yet making borderline racist comment without all the facts, this cop was clearly out of control, those kids had a right to be there.”

Exactly right. Many of the kids lived in Craig Ranch, where the average home is worth $460,000. Not exactly what one would call animals (above) or hoodrats (below).

“That says it all….freaking hoodrats causing problems everywhere they go.”

Can’t let them associate with their betters. We know the city will back us, because they fought to keep these people out of the community in an earlier lawsuit.

“These Thuglets in training were obviously raised with a “Ya’ll owe us” mentality and were asked to leave and refused to do so.”

Thuglets? Yeah, that’s the type of officer I want in my neighborhood.

“Uh Oh…who let the hoods rats in?! Reminds me of Caddyshack, they’ll be draining the pool! I’m betting none of the teens were in the deep end.”

There is no discrimination here, just every stereotype about blacks.

“I can just about hear the thump as that officer got thrown under the bus…….”

If you’re not for us, you’re against us.

“He was justified. If you have a pissed off group mobbing you drawing your weapon is reasonable and wise.”

No, it’s not. Under no circumstances was drawing the gun reasonable and wise under these circumstances. Plus, there was not a “pissed of group mobbing” the officer.

Before everyone rushes to condemn the police in this, our own profession has problems with this issue too. At a lawyer group to which I belong, lawyers were citing imaginary laws on crimes that don’t exist, or asserting that one had to obey the police. So it is not only the police that get things totally wrong.

It is, however, police officers to whom we grant the authority to use force against other citizens. They are the ones causing these problems, and the reason the problems exist is that we, as citizens, allow the police to “over-militarize.”

This creates more of an antagonistic position by officers as they view the public as their enemy, not as citizens whom they should serve. It’s depressing, and talking to officers about it is often pointless—they develop their own flavor of groupthink and attack those who don’t conform.  As the PoliceOne comments show, the cops have an exceptional ability to take any situation and view it only through their own lens, and there is nothing an outsider can say to change their vision.

So while the officers don’t see anything wrong with Corporal Casebolt’s handling of the “thuglets,” and the broader community condemns it’s facial excessiveness, I’ll focus on something more important: my grandson’s graduation and coming enrollment at Texas Tech. The police administration in this town will have to deal with the mess Cpl. Casebolt created, who has since resigned from the force.

* PoliceOne used to be open to all readers, but has since been cordoned off so that verified cops can freely comment without the scrutiny of “outsiders” who hold different views.  After all, police need a place to express themselves among their own without fear that their views might be publicly exposed.

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  • jim
    11 June 2015 at 2:32 pm - Reply

    >PoliceOne used to be open to all readers, but has since been cordoned off so that verified cops can freely comment without the scrutiny of “outsiders” who hold different views. After all, police need a place to express themselves among their own without fear that their views might be publicly exposed.<

    Can't let the peons know what their betters really think or what the real motives are when they falsely charge, beat or kill at will.

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