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1 March 2021

Fault Lines Links – New Trial Ordered In Wrongful Death Suit of Juventino Hernandez By NM Cops

Jan. 29, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Morning people, here’s what we’re watching:

  • A new civil trial stemming from the death of  Juvenito Hernandez will go ahead against the city of Clovis, NM and three of its police officers. In the original wrongful death suit, the jury found in favor of the defendants, however, a court later held that the striking of Hispanic jurors constituted racial discrimination. In the suit, the family of Juventino Hernandez, a Mexican national, claim that he died from a medical condition suffered while in police custody in 2006, where NM officers hogtied Hernandez and dragged him down a driveway, succumbing to his injuries seven months later.
  • The Minneapolis Police Department has dismissed Blayne Lehner from the police department. No reason was given, but the dismissal is believed to relate to an excessive force lawsuit filed against Lehner where it is claimed he kicked a handcuffed man in the back of a squad car, knocking out his teeth. Former officer Rod Webber was also fired after a video of him threatening to break the legs of a 17 year old emerged. Lehner was also on the board of the local police union.
  • The fatal shooting of Johnathan Bratcher by two Memphis officers earlier this week is beginning to garner some controversy. Police claim that after a short chase, Bratcher pointed a rifle at the officers leading them to return fire. Witnesses, however, claim Bratcher was unarmed and fleeing. An investigation into the incident has been handed over to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.
  • The LA County District Attorney ruled on Wednesday that no charges will be brought against officers who mistakenly shot two delivery women while conducting a manhunt for Christopher Dorner in 2013. The DA held that there was no evidence to show that the officers were acting other than in self-defense and defense of the public. The women survived and were awarded a settlement of $4.2 million.


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