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3 April 2020

Fault Lines Links – NY AG To Investigate Death Of Miguel Espinal

Dec. 10, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Good morning everybody. Your links for today:

  • NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will investigate the fatal shooting of unarmed Miguel Espinal by a NY Officer on Tuesday following a car chase and physical altercation. During the tussle, the officer discharged his weapon hitting Espinal in the torso. The reason for the car chase has not been disclosed, it is reported that officers tried to pull Espinal over for having tinted windows and driving erratically.
  • US District Court judge will rule on January 14 as to whether the video of the fatal shooting of Cedrick Chatman by Chicago officers should be publicly released. There are concerns that a premature release of the footage could compromise jury selection for the pending trial in the lawsuit.
  • Wichita has denied requests to produce the video footage of the non-fatal shooting of an unnamed teen by officers on Friday. Police claim the high school student was armed and came charging at police, while his mother asserts that he was unarmed and shot in the back.
  • Newport, OR, officers responding to a call of an unwanted person on the property shot and injured Nantharath Thilavans on Wednesday. Thilavans reportedly became combative and raised an unknown weapon at officers leading them to shoot. He remains in critical condition.
  • Metro, TN, police department fired Matthew Nelms after he fired his weapon five times at a reversing car during a manhunt for a burglary suspect. No one was hit by the gunfire. Nelms claimed that he feared for his life when the vehicle moved towards him, however an examination of the crime scene did not corroborate his story.

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  • Jeff
    10 December 2015 at 5:24 pm - Reply

    Police claim the high school student was armed and came charging right at them…yikes! That sounds like footage they’d want to get right on out there.