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9 July 2020

Fault Lines Links – Officer ‘Unintentionally’ Shot Suspect Says Aurora PD

Dec. 21, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Morning everybody, here’s what we’re watching:

  • Aurora, CO, police department announced that the non-fatal police shooting of Christopher Padilla last week was ‘unintentional’. After a brief car chase and blocking stopping the suspect’s car, the officer exited his vehicle with his gun drawn, slipped on ice and accidentally fired his gun hitting Padilla.
  • Surveillance footage obtained by ABC, appears to corroborate Alfontish Cockerham’s family’s assertion that Cockerham was shot by Chicago Officers from behind and again while on the ground surrendering. Cockerham’s family is expected to file a wrongful death suit in the coming week.
  • Oklahoma Officer Michael Dwain Denton will stand trial on a felony count of assault and battery with a deadly weapon following a preliminary hearing on Friday. His arraignment was set for January 22, 2016. Denton was charged after footage emerged of him repeatedly hitting an unarmed Cody Mathews with the butt of a shotgun in June after a high speed pursuit.
  • Shakara, the Spring Valley High student assaulted by former Officer Ben Fields, and Niya Kelly, the student who filmed the incident, are facing misdemeanor charges of disturbing schools. If found guilty, they face up to 90 days in jail or a $1,000 fine.
  • St Louis Officer Jason Flanery who killed VonDerrit Myers Jr last year has resigned after being accused of driving while intoxicated and crashing his car when he was off-duty.
  • A man was shot dead by a Los Angeles officer inside a hospital on Saturday after he attacked police and allegedly reached for an officer’s gun.
  • An off-duty Baltimore officer fatally shot Edel Cato Moreland when he allegedly tried to rob the officer at gunpoint.

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