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31 March 2020

Fault Lines Links – Raleigh, NC Cops Shot Fleeing Akiel Denkins In The Back

Mar. 1, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Good morning, people. Your links this morning:

  • Protests erupted in Raleigh, NC, after police shot dead an allegedly armed black male following a foot chase on Monday. The man was identified as Akiel Denkins by his mother, and he was wanted on felony drug charges. Witnesses at the scene claim officers shot him in the back when they were unable to detain him.
  • Montgomery, AL, Mayor Todd Strange claimed on Monday that Montgomery police authorities have no knowledge of the circumstances that led up to the fatal shooting of Greg Gunn by Officer A.C. Smith last week. All evidence, including body cam footage, has been turned over to State Bureau of Investigation. The Mayor has requested that the investigation be expedited.
  • Nicholas Heyward Jr.’s family is pushing for his police shooting investigation to be reopened following the outcome of the Akai Gurley case. Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson has agreed to look at the original evidence in Heyward’s case. 13-year old Heyward was shot by officers while playing cops and robbers with a toy gun in 1994.
  • Dartmouth, MA, police chief announced that the police shooting of Ryan Kuphal on Sunday were following procedure. He said the officers were justified in shooting Kuphal after he lunged at them with a knife and the tasers failed to subdue him. Preliminary charges were filed against Kuphal including assault, battery and larceny. He remains in serious condition in hospital.

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