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20 January 2021

IP Flow Links – VirnetX Seeks $532M From Apple In Patent Infringement Retrial

Jan. 29, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Hi folks, here is your weekly IP news round up:

  • VirnetX is seeking $532 million in damages from Apple in their patent infringement retrial. In 2012, VirnetX settled the initial suit for $200 million and Apple was forced to alter its FaceTime platform in order to avoid further infringement. VirnetX claims that Apple’s modifications to the platform still infringe on its IP.
  • Paramount has initiated a copyright infringement lawsuit against a crowdfunded project to film a Star Trek prequel “Axanar”.
  • The international law firm Norton Rose Fulbright is engaged in a trademark battle in China against an organisation using the name for the provision of IP services and who curiously plans to expand the brand to funeral services.
  • The New York Times filed a copyright suit against the publisher and author of a book which analyzes the paper’s inclination to glorify war. The claim itself relates to the use of thumbnails of pictures copyrighted by the NY Times.
  • The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled in favor of Porsche in its 9-year trademark dispute with Karl Hesse over the mark “Carrera”.
  • Battery and medical device manufacturer Greenband won a $37.5 million patent infringement lawsuit against its competitor AVX Filters Corp for using its patented technology in the filtered feed-through assemblies it made for use in medical devices.
  • Nestle has lost its trademark battle to register the ‘four-finger’ Kit Kat shape at the UK Intellectual Property Office. The High Court of England and Wales dismissed its latest appeal against the UKIPO holding that it lacked distinctive character and had not acquired such character through use.

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