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29 May 2020

IP Flow Links – Estate Of Notorious B.I.G. Sued For Copyright Infringement

Mar. 16, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Hi folks, here is your IP news update for the week:

  • The estate of Notorious B.I.G. is being sued for copyright infringement by poet Abiodun Oyewole, also known as Tunes By Dune, for illegally sampling his musical composition in the 1993 track “Party and Bullshit”. Oyewole also plans to launch legal actions against Rita Ora and Busta Rhymes for illegally licensing his composition in their tracks.
  • A New York judge granted Lindsay Lohan permission to sue Rockstar Games over the character “Lacey Jones” in Grand Theft Auto V, whom she claims is based on her likeness.
  • Trunki, a UK based company, lost its appeal over the design of children’s suitcases to Hong Kong company, Kiddee.
  • Paramount and CBS brought a lawsuit against Axanar, crowdfunded amateur Star Trek film company, claiming copyright infringement on aspects ranging from vulcan ears to the Klingon language. Read our take on it here.
  • The owners of an online forum for aquarium-owning hobbyists won a trademark battle against Monster Energy drinks for their trademark “MonsterFishKeepers”.
  • Rolls Royce won its trademark suit against rapper Royce Rizzy. The rapper will no be forced to change his name and stop using the Rolls Royce logo.
  • Nike filed a design patent suit against Chinese-owned company Bestwinn for infringing on their design patents for athletic shoes and promoting and selling the infringing shoes.
  • Amgen has won its patent infringement suit against Sanofi and Regeneron over cholesterol drug Praluent. A jury found in favor Amgen, ruling that its patent are valid. If the verdict stands, Sanofi and Regeneron may be forced to pay royalties based on the drug’s sales.
  • Gun accessories company, Magpul, Industries filed a suit against Gibbz Arms for allegedly infringing on three of its patents. The claim relates to products covering accessory rails and handguards for AR-15 rifles.

Main image via Flickr/Drew Taylor

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