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11 July 2020

IP Flow Links – Getty Images Accuses Google Images Of Encouraging Piracy

Apr. 29, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Hi folks, here’s your IP news update for the week:

  • Getty Images has filed a complaint with the European Commission claiming that Google Images encourages widespread piracy of images.
  • Representative Bob Goodlatte announced that Congress will be releasing copyright reform proposals in the near future.
  • According to the lawyers suing Led Zeppelin for copyright infringement of “Stairway To Heaven”, the lawsuit could be settled for $1 and a writing credit.
  • The US Supreme Court has denied a motion to review the $45 million patent verdict against Limelight. A federal court found that Limelight infringed upon Akamai Technologies Inc’s patent for content delivery.
  • The Washington Redskins petitioned SCOTUS to grant review of the cancellation of the registered trademark by the USPTO. Similarly, the DOJ requested that the Court review a federal appeals court’s holding that the USPTO violated the free speech rights of Oregon-based band “The Slants” by denying its application to register their band name on the grounds that it is disparaging to Asian Americans. Read our take on it here.
  • Under Armour announced that it will take all “business and legal recourse” to stop Chinese company Uncle Martian from using a trademark that is very similar to their own.
  • Read our take on the implications of the EU copyright reform for businesses here.
  • GoPro’s motion to dismiss the patent suit brought against them by Polaroid was denied. C&A Marketing, producer of the Polaroid Cube, filed a lawsuit against GoPro for infringing on its design patent on the latest Hero4 session camera. C&A Marketing was granted a design patent in May for the Polaroid Cube which covers the unique cubic design of its camera.
  • Adidas filed a lawsuit against Ecco for infringing on their three-stripe trademark in Ecco’s latest footwear styles featuring four parallel stripes.
  • The office of the US Trade Representative released its 2016 intellectual property piracy list. China, Argentina, Russia and Venezuela remain on the Priority Watch List.
  • The UK IPO upheld a previous ruling to allow Nike to trademark the term “Jumpman” despite opposition from the Turkish company Intermar Simanto Nahmias.

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