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23 February 2020

IP Flow Links – Spotify Sued Twice In Two Weeks For Copyright Infringement

Jan 15, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Hi folks, here’s your weekly IP update:

  • Spotify is being sued by artist Melissa Ferrick for copyright infringement in California. She claims Spotify did not notify her and obtain a license when it made her content available on its streaming site. This is the second lawsuit brought against the company in two weeks. Spotify was previously hit with a class action suit led by David Lowery for allegedly failing to properly license songwriting rights in the United States. Ferrick is also seeking class action status and $200 million in damages for wronged songwriters.
  • A consortium of 200 German publishers filed a copyright infringement complaint against Google in a dispute as to whether it should be pay publishers to show content online.
  • Starbucks filed a lawsuit claiming that Obsidian’s “Freddoccino” drink infringes on their “Frappuccino” trademark.
  • Louis Vuitton lost their trademark and copyright infringement case against My Other Bag Inc. for their parody bags. MOB has been selling tote bags with the words “My Other Bag” on one side and a depiction of an LV bag on the other, as a play on the well known bumper sticker “my other car is a [insert luxury brand]”.
  • Photographer Jennifer Rodinelli is suing Twitter for not acting on DMCA takedown requests. Infringing copies of Rodinelli’s work were depicted and linked to by many Twitter users.
  • The USPTO granted a request for patent interference proceedings in a dispute between academic institutions (the University of California Berkeley vs. the MIT- and Harvard-affiliated Broad Institute in Cambridge) for the biotechnology technique known as CRISPR–Cas9.
  • De Beers brought a lawsuit against Singapore company Ila Technologies for allegedly infringing on its patents relating to synthetic diamond material.

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