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5 April 2020

Mimesis IP Links: Jury throws out patent infringement case against Google

Oct. 20, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Introducing a weekly IP update on the major news stories from the past week.

  • Patent troll SimpleAir had their patent infringement case against Google thrown out of court by a jury in California. The company alleged that Google’s push notifications infringed upon their patent relating to messaging and data transmission. SimpleAir, notorious for bringing infringement cases against the big tech companies, had won a separate infringement case against Google last year and had been awarded $85 million.
  • Apple was found to be in infringement of University of Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation’s computer processor patent by a jury. Apple was ordered to pay $234 million in damages.
  • A US appeals court ruled that Google Books project constitutes fair use of published material under copyright law. Google may continue to digitize copyright-protected works for the  purpose of helping people find books and view excerpts online.
  • US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California held that Bikram Choudhury, the founder of Bikram Yoga, does not own copyright to the poses he created. The court ruled that yoga poses and breathing exercises are not entitled to copyright protection.
  • Following a year-long consultation, the UK government concluded that brand owners should be able to seek civil injunctions against ‘copycat packaging’. According to the report, there was scant proof that similar packaging was “causing any significant consumer detriment or hindering competition or innovation.
  • The High Court of Australia refused breast cancer genetic patents held by Myriad Genetics and ruled that genes cannot be patented.

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