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2 July 2020

Mimesis IP Links – Pandora Settles Royalty Suit With Big Media

Oct. 27, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Welcome to your weekly IP update – what we’re reading this week:

  • Pandora settled a lawsuit over royalties with Sony, Warner and Universal for $90 million.
  • Sony filed a copyright claim against a stock video that was licensed to them. The copyright owner details his legal battle with the music giant to be credited for his own stock video.
  • Netflix has been sued for copyright infringement over the English subtitled version of 1948 Italian film “Bicycle Thief”.
  • A US district judge dismissed an infringement lawsuit against Jay-Z and Timbaland over the use of a music sample in their song “Big Pimpin'”. The court ruled that the heir of the Egyptian composer of the sample of music in question lacked the right to pursue a copyright infringement claim.
  • On the same day as her husband’s big win, Beyonce won a $7.1 million copyright infringement case brought against her by Ahmad Javon Lane claiming that Beyonce’s song “XO” infringed on his song “XOXO”.
  • Pinterest lost its legal battles in the US and UK to trademark the word “pin” to travel startup Pintrips.
  • In an attempt to settle a dispute between online services and press publishers over Germany’s ancillary copyright, the Copyright Arbitration Board of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office recommended that “legal snippets” should comprise a maximum of seven words. These snippets are the portions of text used by search engines and online aggregators below hyperlinks.
  • India criticized EU trademark reform plans to strengthen custom officers’ powers to seize goods in transit amid concerns that these powers could be used to halt or confiscate shipments of generic drugs bound for Latin America.
  • The EU Court of Justice held that Bitcoin shall be exempt from VAT under the VAT Directive in the same category as currency, bank notes and coins used as legal tender.
  • The Turkish Supreme Court ruled for the first time on second medical use patents, overturning a lower decision that they should be treated as null and void.

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