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5 July 2020

IP Flow Links – Samsung Agrees To Pay Apple $548M In Patent Infringement Suit

Dec 4., 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Hi folks, here’s your IP news update for the week:

  • Samsung has agreed to pay Apple $548 million in damages in a patent infringement suit dating back to 2011. A court had found that Samsung infringed on Apple’s smartphone patents relating to features such as touch-to-zoom and multitouch gestures.
  • Virgin Media has won a final patent infringement suit against Rovi and has had the patent in question revoked by the High Court in London. All 11 patents asserted against Virgin Media by Rovi have been revoked in their entirety either by the English Court or the European Patent Office.
  • The European Court of Justice ruled in favor of Nintendo in a case involving the sale by PC Box mod chips and game copier devices that are capable of being used to circumvent the technological protection measures on certain Nintendo devices.
  • Nevada-based Verify Smart Corp. has filed a patent infringement suit against Yahoo! in New Jersey claiming Yahoo! infringed on a patent for online identification technology. The company has brought similar lawsuits against other internet giants with most having been dismissed.
  • Chinese company BYD is suing Apple claiming the antenna and other attributes of the iPhone 6 may infringe on their patents. Apple is being sued along with four Chinese suppliers and one distributor. BYD is seeking to stop the sale of the iPhone 6 in China.
  • Cryptopeak Solutions is suing over 70 companies including AT&T and Netflix for alleged violation of its elliptic curve cryptography patent used to encrypt traffic of HTTPS websites.
  • Soundcloud was ridiculed and exposed for its lazy copyright infringement takedowns after it removed a track containing 4min 33secs of silence based solely on the track title.
  • A Moscow court has ordered the dissolution of a chapter of the Church of Scientology stating that its trademark violates Russian federal laws on the freedom of religion.
  • MPAA won a $10.5 million default judgment and injunction against streaming site Movietube in a copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit. Collecting on the judgment will be tricky as the identity of the operators of Movietube have not been ascertained.
  • A Swedish court ruled that Swedish ISPs cannot be forced to block streaming site The Pirate Bay by copyright holders. The court held that ISPs’ actions allowing such pirate streaming sites to operate do not amount to participation in copyright infringement as perpetrated by users of the websites.
  • However, the German Supreme Court has ruled that ISPs can be required to block websites if copyright holders have exhausted all their options to identify the operators or hosting providers of pirate sites.
  • The Supreme Court in India held that names of gods or holy books cannot be trademarked to sell goods and services.
  • H&M breached a settlement agreement with Stretchline by infringing their patent on tubular fabric used in brassieres.
  • Google announced that it is prepared to offer legal support to clear fair uses on Youtube subjected to DMCA takedown requests.
  • France and Canada took significant steps towards becoming the latest countries to introduce tobacco plain packaging legislation.

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