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9 March 2021

IP Flow Links – VoIP-Pal Sues Apple, AT&T And Verizon For $7B

Feb. 20, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Hi folks, your weekly IP news update:

  • VoIP-Pal, a Washington patent-holding company, is suing Apple, AT&T and Verizon for $7 billion claiming they infringe upon their communication-related patents. The company claims that the technology used by these companies to determine whether to use standard SMS or WiFi for messaging is covered by VoIP-Pal’s patents and that they refused to negotiate a license for the technology.
  • Koza, a NY based artist, is suing former drug executive Martin Shrekli for copyright infringement claiming that he owns the rights to the portraits which accompanied the Wu-Tang Clan album he purchased for $2 million and which Shrekli permitted Vice to publish in a recent news article.
  • XBMC, the company behind the media player Kodi, has announced it will take legal action against users who pirate content on its player. The Kodi player is a media player that does not carry any content, however, it is possible to download third party plugins which allow for the hosting and streaming of pirated content.
  • Burberry filed a lawsuit against JC Penny accusing the retailer of copying its trademarked “Burberry check” pattern.
  • Adidas obtained a preliminary injunction in Portland, OR, against Sketchers prohibiting the US footwear company from selling two lines of shoes which allegedly infringe upon Adidas’ designs.
  • A Virginia federal court ruled against Samsung in its patent dispute suit with Nvidia concerning patents relating to graphic card memory.
  • An East Texas jury found that Samsung infringed upon Imperium IP Holdings imaging patents and awarded the company $7 million in damages.
  • TorrentFreak reported that over 500,000 pirated downloads of Kanye West’s new album were made a day after its release. West had only released the album on paid subscription site Tidal.

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