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8 July 2020

IP Flow Links – Woman Claims She Invented The AppleWatch; Sues Apple For $2B

Apr. 14, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Hi folks, your weekly IP news update:

  • Daisy Washington, a resident of Detroit, has filed a $2 billion lawsuit against Apple claiming she invented the AppleWatch. Washington claims she filed a patent for a “computer wristwatch” before the tech giant did.
  • A California judge ruled that the founding members of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, will face a jury trial in the copyright suit brought by the estate of Spirit guitarist Randy Wolfe over the alleged plagiarism of their legendary track “Stairway To Heaven”. Read our take on it here.
  • Vice Media sent a cease and desist letter to music group ViceVersa after they received provisional approval for their trademark application for their band name. After proposing to narrow the scope of their application, Vice sent a letter of opposition to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). The band now has until April 18th to respond.
  • Thai math professor Supap Kirtsaeng’s copyright case is heading to the Supreme Court for the second time. Kirtsaeng was originally sued by textbook publisher’s John Wiley & Sons for re-selling textbooks.
  • OpenTV responded with counterclaims to the patent infringement suit brought by Yahoo, stating that Yahoo infringes upon its patents with respect to Yahoo Smart TV, Yahoo Connected TV, Yahoo TV, Yahoo interactive video advertisements, Yahoo fantasy gaming and Yahoo Screen.
  • The lawyers who successfully argued for putting the song “Happy Birthday” in the public domain, have now filed papers stating that the civil rights anthem “We Shall Overcome” should not be protected by copyright and should also be in the public domain.
  • A Miami federal judge dismissed Rick Ross copyright suit against LMFAO over the phrase “Everyday I’m Hustlin’” in a dispute over the use of the phrase “Everyday I’m Shufflin’” in songs and merchandise.
  • Burberry settled its copyright suit against JC Penny, where the company accusing the retailer of copying its trademarked “Burberry check” pattern.
  • The UK Intellectual Property Office has issued a ‘panic checklist’ for UK citizens receiving copyright infringement claims from US law firms. The IPO is concerned that fraudulent claims are being issued by scammers.
  • There is growing concern over the filing of trademarks by Cuban-based entities for well-known brands that have no affiliation to the legitimate trademark rights holder. Trademarks such as “Uber”, “Fedex” and “Comcast” have already been applied for.
  • Russia’s Communist Party is seeking to trademark the party’s symbol, the red star.
  • The Delhi High Court has ordered an immediate stay on all abandonment orders passed on or before March 20. This comes after Indian trademark office caused a public outcry when they announced that tens of thousands of trademark applications would be abandoned, particularly as reports emerged that a large proportion of the files had been abandoned incorrectly.
  • A Munich-based marketing company, Casaaam GmbH, filed a trademark application for the term “The Panama Papers” one day after the leak occurred. The company intends to develop a film and sell merchandise based on the leak.

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