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1 March 2021

NITES/WKNDS: Zoltan Istvan On Transhumanism, Immortality & the Presidency

August 9, 2016 (Nites/Wknds) — Zoltan Istvan is running for President of the United States with some truly radical ideas for what life in America should look like in the near future. He thinks paralyzed people will walk with the help of exo-skeletons, human DNA will be easily modified to change our species beyond recognition and the human race will achieve immortality all within the span of a couple of years with the help of government funding. And while Zoltan has no illusions about his prospects of winning the White House, he claims he almost got a little bit closer to his goal by interviewing to be the candidate for Vice President on Libertarian Gary Johnson’s campaign. Lee sits down with Zoltan to talk about Transhumanism, his run for the presidency, and his vision of the future.

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