Mimesis Law
18 April 2021

nicholas glisson

  • Outsourcing Linda Greenhouse to Yale

    by - Mar 8, 2017
    (Comments: 3)
    March 8, 2017 (Fault Lines) — While working for the New York Times as the paper’s Supreme Court correspondent, Linda Greenhouse won the Pulitzer Prize and embarrassed the paper along the way as well. After leaving...
  • 7th Circuit Rules Lethally Neglected Inmate Can Sue

    by - Feb 24, 2017
    (Comments: 4)
    February 24, 2017 (Fault Lines)– If Nicholas Glisson were a person society valued, there would be murder charges. Media at the gates. Perp-walks and boxes taken from the Indiana Department of Corrections to waiting FBI vans....

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