Mimesis Law
19 April 2021

shut up

  • Make Shutting Up Your First Instinct

    by - Nov 2, 2016
    (Comments: 11)
    November 2, 2016 (Fault Lines) — Repetition, we’re told, is the key to learning.  But if that were true, then we should have learned by now: shut up when the feds show up on your doorstep to...
  • When I Said “Shut Up,” I Also Meant Online

    by - Sep 14, 2016
    (Comments: 9)
    September 14, 2016 (Fault Lines) — “Shut up.”  As legal advice, it’s indispensable and universal. Criminal defense attorneys say it (often in vain, often too late) to defendants and targets of criminal investigations.  Litigators say it to...

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