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6 July 2022

Karl Rove’s Efforts to “Buy” Courts Harms America, Says Legendary Attorney

Oct. 8, 2014 (Mimesis Law) — Fred Levin, one of the most successful and controversial plaintiffs lawyers in America, talks with Lee Pacchia about a new book by Josh Young entitled “And Give Up Show Business?” detailing his colorful life and his views on civil litigation as a business.

After helping secure a $13.2 billion settlement on behalf of the State of Florida against Big Tobacco for injuries related to smoking, Fred went on to craft a career that would change the face of civil litigation in the United States. Despite his illustrious career, however, Fred feels that his business has changed for the worse over the years as the costs associated with litigation has skyrocketing in terms of time and money. “It’s just the kind of thing that I would certainly not recommend a young lawyer to get into,” he says. “The defense spends more money on lawyer fees than they could have spent on settling the case.”

Fred also claims that industry groups and major corporations started to spend money in the 1990’s to try to “demonize” plaintiffs lawyers, the plaintiffs bar and victims in the hopes of avoiding massive jury verdicts. “It finally took hold, slowly but surely,” he says. “Now when I stand up and talk to a jury I know they’re thinking ‘I’m not going to be fooled by this guy’.” Fred also talks about how this trend has slanted the appellate court system in certain parts of the United States against the plaintiffs bar.

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