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6 July 2022

How This Investment Firm Hopes to Revolutionize Litigation in America

Oct. 30, 2014 (Mimesis Law) — Ralph Sutton, Chief Investment Officer at Bentham IMF, talks with Lee Pacchia about the business of funding small to medium-sized plaintiffs in commercial and patent litigation around the world. After launching in Australia 13 years ago, the firm has grown quickly and expanded to Europe and the United States. Sutton sees the United States as a particularly attractive market in part because litigation costs have risen so much over the last couple of decades that most plaintiffs are simply priced out of the American judicial system. “The world has shifted so radically to make the expense of litigation so overwhelming that the system really doesn’t work for most of the country,” he says. Not everyone shares his point of view. Sutton notes that the US Chamber of Commerce and affiliated corporations stand as major challenges to the growth of the litigation funding industry. “They are introducing amendments to rules and potentially even legislation to limit the growth of the industry,” he says. “You would hope that the US Chamber of Commerce would see that small and medium-sized businesses are part of their constituency and they don’t seem to do that, unfortunately.”

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