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27 September 2020

Press: Inflation Adjusted Numbers Show BigLaw Continuing to Struggle

Dec. 4, 2014 (Mimesis Law) — Aric Press, Editor-in-Chief for ALM, talks with Lee Pacchia about his recent study on the financial performance of large law firms over the last several years. According to Press, BigLaw appears to have performed very well in 2013, setting new records across many financial performance metrics. When inflation adjusted dollars are taken into consideration, however, a very different picture emerges.

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  • Franklin Michaels, Jr.
    2 March 2015 at 3:44 pm - Reply

    I agree with Mr. Greenfield’s point in general. But in “this case,” the cop took a target’s virginity, etc., under false pretenses. In many jurisdictions – e.g., California (Cal. Penal Code. Sec. 261-269 and the U.K. (apparently since 1956 – see below) sexual intercourse under false pretenses is otherwise known as “Rape by Fraud.” (That said, as of November, 2013, the practice appears to have been entirely legal in 27 states. See, “Rape By Fraud, Deception, Or Impersonation – An Addition To New York’s Penal Law: Rape In The First Degree Statute” by Daniel J. Slomnicki, November 14, 2013, posted on Law Student Connection, The official blog of NYSBA law student members, published by the New York State Bar Association.)

    It would be interesting to learn how British law interprets the statute of limitations applicable to “Offences, and the Prosecution and Punishment of Offences, Part One: Intercourse by force, intimidation, etc.”